Feeding Complex
For truly productive cannabis cultivation choosing the right fertilizer is a crucial factor. Absence of appropriate fertilizers at market was the basic reason why Divine Seeds breeders took the challenge...
Nutrition elements
Plays a crucial role in green growth being a component of chlorophyll and growing hormones. Necessary at all life stages.
Takes part in photosynthesis processes. Necessary for cannabinoids and terpenes production.
Important for allocation of moisture within a plant system. Impoves root development

For truly productive cannabis cultivation choosing the right fertilizer is a crucial factor. Absence of appropriate fertilizers at market was the basic reason why Divine Seeds breeders took the challenge of creating their own brand-new fertilizing formulas, both environmentally clean and efficient. Through numerous breeding and growing cycles perfect nutrient compositions were developed. Then Divine Grow fertilizers underwent approbation in our laboratories and greenhouses. Now Divine Seeds is confident about sharing these efficient and healthy mixtures with the world’s growing community! Stay productive and environmentally friendly with Divine Grow series.

How Divine Grow Vegetation
Improves vegetative growth

After using Divine Grow “Vegetation”

Divine Grow Vegetation composite is a wholistic mineral fertilizer that covers all nutrient needs of vegetating cannabis. At this stage, developing a strong and healthy root system is one of plants’ main priorities. And for that purpose nitrogen (N) is necessary. Nitrogen is the key component of Divine Grow Vegetation. Potassium (K) comes next, and the least in quantity (but not in importance) is phosphorus (P). Hence, DivGroVeg has the following proportion: N24 : P6 : K12. Applying this composite results in a thicker stem and noticeable increase in height and width as well as massive growth of leaves and branches. Divine Grow Vegetation also strengthens plants’ immunity to diseases or parasites.

After using Divine Grow “Vegetation”
How Divine Grow «Short Flowering»
Impacts the first half of blooming period

After using Divine Grow «Short Flowering»

Flowering phase can be divided into halves, sufficiently different from each other in biochemical aspects. Divine Grow Short Flowering composite is designed for the first half of blooming: the period between formation of ovaries and mid-flowering. Short-flowering plants need way less nitrogen (N), while their demand for potassium (K) increases. That is why Divine Grow Short Flowering fertilizer contains these elements in the following proportion: N:16 P:6 K:26. By supporting your early blooming cannabis with this composite, you enhance calyxes growth, which will consequently result in significantly bigger colas. Besides, plants gain strong health which allows to flourish despite handling mistakes, environment faults or parasites.

After using Divine Grow «Short Flowering»
How Divine Grow Long Flowering
Stimulates buds ripening

After using Divine Grow «Long Flowering»

When cannabis buds are ripening, the whole plant carries out a complicated and delicate multilevel process. In this period, called late flowering, nutrition must be carefully balanced so as to exclude any chance of overdosing plants with any nutrient. In late blooming, cannabis is in the final stage of composing its future terpene profile and cannabinoid contents. Phosphorus serves exactly for those purposes! Divine Grow Long Flowering composite is a well balanced combination of necessary nutrients: N:18 P:12 K:18, thus providing a massive quantity of phosphorus and portions of nitrogen (N) and potassium (K). By applying Divine Grow Short Flowering, you achieve higher THC levels and protect colas against fungi or rot. In addition, resin and terpene production is stimulated!

After using Divine Grow «Long Flowering»
How Divine Grow Autoflowering
Impacts at all life cycle

After using Divine Grow «Autoflowering»

Specially designed for day-neutral cannabis, Divine Grow Autoflowering is an achievement of breeding technologies: it meets the demands of autoflowering cannabis at any age! How did we manage to create it? It took scores of experiments to define the amounts of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) that would support and stimulate day-neutral marijuana through all life stages. Divine Grow Autoflowering contains nutrients in the following combination: N:15 P:7 K:22. This formula is universal and stimulates green growth during vegetation as well as calyx formation during early blooming. At late blooming, this composite helps plants increase cannabinoid concentration, enhances levels of resin and also protects cannabis against any possible diseases.

After using Divine Grow «Autoflowering»
How to Use
1 gram of product
Per 1 liter of water
Shake well
Use with watering
Full nutrition solution
Full nutrition complex